Product Information

From shops to commercial spaces, we build it all. Quality construction built according to your needs.

  • Layout:Customizable
  • Shipping:United States Only
  • Cost:$20 to $70 sq/ft
  • Financing:Available


Are these buildings 100% steel?

While some companies may offer steel buildings that are comprised of tube steel or traditional wood framing, every BSB building is quality constructed from 100% structural steel I-Beams. When we say our buildings are built to last, we mean it.

Should I hire a contractor?
Our steel buildings are designed for ease of construction, and come with detailed installation instructions. The most complicated part of the entire process is preparing the foundation. If you don’t feel comfortable building the foundation, it is best you hire a contractor to do this for you so that the structure is completely level and secured properly to the base. You may also choose to hire a contractor to construct the steel building in its entirety.

Additional Information

VersaTube Building Systems offers an economical option to our I-beam steel buildings. These are commonly used for residential storage such as garages, workshops, barn’s and loafing sheds, although they have 3”R-10  insulation limitation. The foundation requirements for these buildings vary but are much simpler than the I-beam foundation which is a big cost savings. They also manufacture carports for residential and commercial use as well.


What Our Customers Saying

My husband and I cannot begin to say how happy we are with our experience with Bonneville Steel Buildings. We never felt forced or pressured into making decisions and the finished design far exceeded our expectations. We would highly recommend!

Andrea - Rigby, ID